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Higher Education/Private Schools: Annual Immunization Status Report (2021 - 2022)


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Higher Education/Private School Student Immunization Query Tool

This tool is for private schools (as defined by section 121A.15, subdivision 9...) and higher education institutions (as defined by 135A.14, subdivision 1, paragraph (b)) to access vaccination information on their enrollees.

Login tips:

  • The preferred internet browsers to use the Higher Education/Private School Student Immunization Query Tool are Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • New users or people with a new email address will need to register as a new user by clicking on the "New User Registration" button on the login page.
  • Detailed specifications for the bulk query file can be found here. More information on using the COVID-19 Bulk File Import Query process can be found in the Using the Bulk Query Function user guidance.

If you have questions about this application, please call the Minnesota Department of Health Immunization Program at 1-800-657-3970 (toll free) or 651-201-5503 (Twin Cities area) or email us at